Aspiring to Vivaldi

The third movement of the Vivaldi Concerto is coming along.  While my progress is not as slow as it was as I learned the first movement, which was a huge level up from previous pieces, it too presents exceptional challenges.  There’s work in second position, third position, and even a shift in between third and fourth – and then there’s a harmonic high E.  All this shifting makes it hard for me to be in tune.  I spent most of my last lesson playing slowly along with Teacher striving to match her intonation.  I have also been working with my tuner as I practice, attempting to get it all right – a tough slough.

The piece’s many arpeggios are celestial in the hands of those who can get the notes right at some reasonable speed, but I’m just not anywhere close to that yet.  I’m taking as my inspiration a recording of Itzhak Perlman from Youtube, though the arrangement is quite different than Suzuki’s.  In addition to Perlman’s playing, I take to heart the comments many fellow students have left.  It seems we all find ourselves in the same boat – wishing to give this gorgeous piece of music its due but finding we’re simply unable, for now.

Thanks for reading.


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