Stradivarius News

The latest chapter in the story of the Ames/Totenberg Stradivarius has just begun.  The Totenberg family sold the instrument after it was recovered from the wife of the man who stole it in 1980 when she had it appraised upon his death in 2015.  The instrument was returned to the Totenberg family, who then sold it to a private owner.  The 1736 instrument has now been restored by a fine violin dealer, and is on long-term loan to Nathan Meltzner, a virtuoso who studies at Juilliard.

I love this story – I’m sure young Meltzner will provide a wonderful home for the instrument.  Apparently his stature is a plus – the instrument is large, and according to this article at NPR, it needs “someone large yet gentle to play it.”  Looks like they’ve found their man in Meltzner, who reports that the violin is starting to wake up.  Here’s hoping I get to hear him play with it someday!

Thanks for reading.


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