Las Mañanitas

In school, I studied Spanish from the third grade through college.  My high school Spanish teacher is the person I credit with being my best teacher ever – I had four years of Spanish with him, and proctored for him as well.  He helmed the National Spanish Honors Society, of which I was a member, and I went on an exchange trip with him to Mexico after my senior year.  I think of him often when I teach and aspire to emulate him whenever possible.

During those four years, on student birthdays, we sang Las Mañanitas, a traditional Mexican song that is widely used to celebrate birthdays, cumpleaños, in Latin American countries.  It’s a lovely tune, and I always enjoyed singing it.  I can only imagine how many times he led classes in the song!

In the more than twenty years since I graduated high school, I had given the song very little thought until last week when I was at a big birthday gathering for a couple of friends – one is Peruvian, and some members of her family were there.  After we sang the Happy Birthday Song, we all sang Las Mananitas – I’m happy to report I remembered the song like I was un estudiante en un pupitre en la clase de Señor Shelley.  Here is a nice Mariachi version:

This last week was also Michael’s birthday – las mañanitas que cantaba el rey David.  Mi hombre tiene 42 años, la familia visitaba de Virginia, y pasábamos una semana muy amable.

Gracias por leyendo,


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