As I approached this Seitz concerto I was a little bit stunned.  Listening to Preucil play the piece on the CD prior to starting in on it the thing seemed a bit impossible.  While the Suzuki recording star always records the tunes faster than I’m able to play them at first, the speed and complexity of this particular piece – especially the final few lines – just sounded totally out of my league.  Of course I’ve been approaching it much more slowly than he plays it on the CD, and working through it line by line and day by day.  It’s coming along.

But on Tuesday, Teacher felt like it was time for me to try to go faster.  She played along at a quick tempo, forcing me to keep up.  I had to let my many mistakes go and just keep playing.  She’s done this before in an effort to help me see that I have the potential to do something better – dangling a carrot just out of reach so I can try to jump up and grab it. So I’ve been chasing the carrot in my practice since our lesson, trying to play fast.  Letting go can be a lot of fun.

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