Sight Reading G Major

Tuesday’s lesson brought a new etude from Wolfhart – there are sixty etudes in this book, and two years in I’m now on number three.  They are lovely sets that Teacher uses to practice sight reading and bowing – each etude can be played with many bowing variations.  The first two were in C-Major, so I thought maybe I would find this next one arranged in some circle of keys order, or that it might be another one in C-Major.  But number three is in G-Major.  I did enjoy all the C-Major work because those etudes were the only pieces I play in the key, which is tricky on the violin.  Suzuki’s repertoire, on the other hand, is positively replete with G-Major; the vast majority of my songs have been in this key.  So it wasn’t too hard to sight read this one.  I expect perhaps we’ll spend less time on it than the first two.

We also continued to work on the Seitz concerto – Teacher suggests I sing the doubled sixteenth note section that is giving me memory fits.  I will do my best.   I’m no singer, but I suppose my own walls (and Michael) can forgive me the musical transgression if I make a go of it.

It’s all coming along.

Thanks for reading.


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