Musical Shopping, and Life

Michael and I are heading to New York in a week and a half for the wedding of some very close friends – we’re staying a bit longer to make a vacation out of it, and we want to catch a great show.  As infrequently as we’re able to make it up there just for fun (I get up there myself for karate a fair amount), we want to pick a winner!  I’ve solicited help on Facebook, and a few folks have responded kindly.  We’re not exactly newbies to musical theater, but at the same time we’re no buffs.

The recommendations have ranged from revivals to popular names to one I haven’t even heard of.  I was digging online yesterday to see about tickets, and it does seem we’ll be able to get something great.  I issued the caveat of “no Hamilton” in my rec. request because I know that’s not possible for anyone but oligarchs at the moment – I checked just for fun and the cheapest scalpers want $1,000 for a seat!  I’ll see it in a touring production in a few years.

While I am still interested in recommendations, I have wanted to see Les Miserables on the stage since I was in high school, and I never have.  The revival is getting great reviews, there are tickets available, and I’m starting to lean pretty heavily toward the classic.  To my ears, the songs in the show are some of the most beautiful in musical-land.  A peasant revolution and a love story?  What’s not to love.  It’s not number 5 on the list of longest running Broadway shows for nothing!

This musical New York excursion will also be my 40th birthday present to me from me and Michael.  The Big Day is tomorrow, and we’re both taking the day off to do some of my favorite things in Chicago.   Readers, you know me, and I’d be remiss to talk about all this loveliness without noting that the fact that I have these choices, both financially and in terms of my health, has me feeling like the luckiest guy in the world.

I have a dear friend in the hospital right now with the gravest of heart issues – she’s not too far ahead of me in trips around the sun.  My heart aches for hers and her beautiful young family’s.  Fortunately, it didn’t take me 40 years to learn not to take any day for granted; reminders have long been all-too abundant.

Thanks for reading.


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