A Bach Bourree Finish

Apparently I passed the Bach Gavotte in D Major – in yesterday’s lesson Teacher took us onto the final piece in book three, a bourree, also by Bach.  If I was enamored of the last Bach gavotte (and I am) then this new bourree is totally spectacular.  I’ve been looking forward to it since starting with Book Three; the Suzuki repertoire includes nice pieces at the end of these books.

The piece brings my first chords – I quickly (though in a relaxed way) bow across three strings to produce the effect.  Some of them trill at the end of the chord, making for sounds of the sort I can barely believe I’m trying to play.  I actually told Teacher, “I recognize that from the Tchaikovsky Concerto.”  Though in my head I still feel like a total beginner, there’s no calling this beginner stuff.

Bourree is sourced by the Suzuki book to BWV 1009, Suite for Cello No. 3, the 5th movement – originally it was an unaccompanied cello piece.  I’ll dig in more in the coming weeks to learn a little more about the piece.

Teacher wanted to introduce me to the piece’s first couple of lines even though I’ll be skipping next week’s lesson. I’m skipping because I’m headed out of town here in a couple of hours on a karate trip to New York and won’t be back until Sunday – I only skip lessons when I’ll have no time to practice.  Indeed, this trip will bring a few days with very little music – the violin does not get to go along; I’ll really be spending all my time training and sweating away inside a dojo.

But the new Bourree will be patiently waiting when I get back.

Thanks for reading.


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