Violin Dreams

I don’t remember my dreams too often, but I wrote once before about a dream that involved my violin, and last night I had another.  Details are sketchy, but I was roaming a dream-world warren of rooms dodging children and other people as I tried to find a place to play uninterrupted.  As the others moved seemingly randomly from room to room, I was politely trying to avoid everyone.  I roamed too, standing in doorways smiling, letting people pass while holding my violin by the scroll down at my side, the whole time wishing everyone would go away.  It was not a bad dream per se, unlike the last time the instrument invaded my sleep, but it was slightly unsettling.

Perhaps the dream had something to do with last night’s dinner conversation.  We were out for Peruvian food with some friends, and when talk turned to my playing I mentioned my family Christmas concert.  We chatted about the possibility that I might be ready to strut my stuff for friends at a dinner party sometime soon.  Of course I immediately began tempering expectations, but said that I might be close to imagining that I could mount such a performance.

So, as with the last time I dreamed of the violin, this one came on the heels of conversations about playing for others.  I did not have such dreams in advance of my chamber music festival concert hall debut, which was certainly a more stressful circumstance; I’m not sure what prompts the psyche to need to work through these things in dreamland.  Since neither Freud nor Jung got it right I doubt I’ll be coming up with the answer anytime soon.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Julie Libel · · Reply

    Too funny, Ryan. I imagine all those children moving from room are likely the 9 children from Christmas moving all about our house!

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