The Right Stuff:  Gratitude and Peg Drops

I’ve been complaining about my A string – the peg has been problematic, loosening often, failing to stay in tune; it “pops” out from time to time, releasing all the tension of the wound up string.  The same thing happens on the G string too, but to a lesser degree and less often.  Well, I grew tired of my own complaining and I also wanted to fix the problem, so I ordered some stuff called peg drops, a liquid that’s supposed to help with slipping pegs.

I’m happy to report that eight bucks has never before bought as much happiness as these peg drops have brought me!

The stuff works wonders – since applying the drops one time about two weeks ago, I have not experienced the peg popping issue a single time.  It’s like magic – I would have thought glue would be required to get these kinds of results (obviously you can’t glue your tuning pegs; the whole point is they have to move!).

In the spirit of the season and because I’m trying to get my head around gratitude in a world such as ours, (I’m getting some help from Brother David Steindl-Rast), I’m thrilled to be able to offer up a little thing for which I’m grateful.

Thanks for reading.


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