My Groupie

Can you have just one Groupie?  I think I might.  Last night on my way into the building the lone female on our maintenance staff in the building was stationed at the front door.  We’re quite friendly, often chatting in the laundry room and in passing all over the building – the building front door is not her usual station.  Upon letting me in, she beamed and said, “You are getting so good!”

I knew she was referring to my playing because we talk about it all the time – she’s truly tickled by it.  One of her regular duties is to accompany the exterminator on his rounds, and I’ve written about their quarterly interruptions of my lesson.  They have contributed to my growing capacity to “play a little bit” for people, should someone ask me to do so – last time they asked I played one of the Book One Bach minuets for them, if I remember correctly.

But mostly I’m sure she hears me from the hallway, listening in as I practice.  I’ve developed a mental image of her, ear pressed to door, smiling at my progress.  I suppose it’s a testament to my ego that I’m totally tickled versus creeped out a little bit by this fantasy image.

Last night she went on and on about how much I’ve improved, “Remember how you were at the beginning?  [gesturing air violin and bow and saying “squeak squeak”] And now you’re just sounding soooo goooood!”

She used to be a nurse, but the bustle of the medical profession was too much for her; she wanted a less stressful job so she joined our maintenance staff.  Sadly, changes in personnel and building management have left our staff slightly less than contented.  I find it kind of cool that my playing might make her days go by a little faster.

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  1. That’s so cute!!! It’s always nice to hear from somewhat of a stranger/ acquaintance that you’re doing a good job in…whatever! Sounds like you do make her days a bit brighter!

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