“I love violin – electric, death metal violin.” – Becca Cala, whose violin is becoming her ROAR

I’m a big proponent of educating a whole person – the more areas of a brain we can activate the more well-rounded and beautiful the brainpower of the learner.  Becca’s story includes a horrific dose of childhood trauma – sadly all too common. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could find the support she apparently found?  Becca has been able to navigate a productive path out of terrible hardship.  As her story indicates, before we humans can learn much our basic needs of support and safety have to be met; a failure to meet those basic needs is really the root of much of the inequality we see in our educational system. Further, if we can keep kids engaged in learning on some dimension, be it through sports or music or the visual arts or whatever productive pursuits we are into, all the better. 

Thanks for reading.


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