Back to School?

The New Horizons String Orchestra is an organization that formed at the Eastman School of Music to allow non-professional, non-traditional student musicians the opportunity to participate in orchestras.  It’s a nationwide organization, with instantiations in 90 or so different locales.  Locally, there is one at DePaul University just down the road from me in Lincoln Park.  Teacher made me aware of it after my recent chamber music experience got me thinking about the possibility of playing with others more often.

Unfortunately, the next session is scheduled such that I’ll be out of town for the first two meetings of the orchestra, so it’s poor timing to consider joining. The orchestra meets Sunday afternoons from 4-5:30, and there’s a concert finale.  There is also an audition involved, and the website says that less experienced players might play in string sectionals instead of the full orchestra.  I think that probably applies to me, since I’m not experienced enough to know what it even really means!

In looking at the various offerings for adults that DePaul makes available, I notice that there are also smaller ensembles.  The website makes it clear that availability of small ensemble instruction depends on interest; there would be 8 sessions of one hour each for the ensemble, with the schedule arranged with the instructor and the group.

I can definitely imagine trying to get into one of these groups for the winter quarter.  And by then I’ll have been playing again for a whole two years – a true veteran!

Thanks for reading.


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