I Play the Violin

I wrote about that friendly little encounter I had with a random stranger in the elevator a few days ago, and I realized after I wrote that post that I had actually said “I play the violin” to someone – just like that, no hedging, just, “I play the violin.”  I think it was the first time it has come out that way – I always say, “I just started playing,” or, “I’ve been back at it for…” but never just straight out, “I play the violin.”

There comes a point, and I guess I’m there, where some confidence is necessary to take it to the next level in playing – I wrote a post a while back called “Bow Boldly” and the subject of that post is some of what I’m talking about.  If you don’t believe you can play well, you will not play well!

So yes, indeed, I play the violin.

Thanks for reading.


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