It Takes Time to Learn to Gavotte

The new song is coming along – it’s a Gavotte, by Martini – there is a theme with about seven variations – the theme is definitely coming along, and I’m pushing through the variations.  Yesterday I reached the spot where I can play through the whole thing, more or less.  I’ve barely begun to memorize it – the tune is not too terribly complicated, but its length, the bowing and the great number of accidentals do keep me on my toes.  It’s a fun piece to play and to listen to!

Yesterday was a rare two practice session day – I played in the morning for a little over an hour, but sort of interrupted myself with a work project then went about the day’s shopping and cleaning and came back for another hour in the evening. Twice a day practice sessions are a terrific way to make some real progress – if only I could do that every day I would be a pro in no time!

In last week’s lesson I received another correction on my bow hold, so I’ve been focusing on that this week – holding it more lightly, wrapping less of my hand around the frog.  I can really feel (and hear) the difference.  The subtleties of improving on this instrument are not available to beginners all at once – we have to uncover them over time.

Thanks for reading.


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