Reading Ahead

I downloaded a pdf document that lists the Suzuki repertoire by book.  I know from experience, of course, that it’s accurate for books One and Two, more or less, so I assume it will hold up as I progress.  There’s quite a bit of fun stuff coming up. Book Three, my next up, includes four gavottes, a minuet, and a bourree, but at present the piece I’m most excited about is the fourth in the book – Humoresque, by Dvorak, a tune I’ve known and loved for quite a while.

Mozart is noticeably absent from the repertoire, except for a minuet in Book 7.  And then Books 9 and 10 really deliver – The Fifth Concerto is Book 9, and The Fourth is Book 10, so it looks like Suzuki just decided on a Mozart big finish.  I was simultaneously delighted and frightened to learn that if I stick with Suzuki for a number of years I’ll be playing Mozart’s 5th Violin Concerto –  it’s a stunning piece I’ve enjoyed for a long time.

I’ve seen many people play the 5th Concerto, but over the weekend I discovered another young prodigy – Giovanni Andrea Zanon.  The Italian is all of 15 years old, and is currently studying in New York.

Thanks for reading.


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