Monthly Archives: February 2015

Strings and Hard Things

Last night I was talking to my friend who has just taken up the cello.  She’s slightly north of 60 years old and she’s never played any instrument before at all.  I talked to her about the difficult nature of fretless stringed instruments –  there’s just so much that goes into playing the things.  I […]

The Razumovsky Quartets

In 1806, Beethoven wrote a series of three quartets for strings, Opus 59, nicknamed the Razumovsky quartets, after the Russian ambassador to Vienna who commissioned them.  This morning I ran across a performance of the first quartet from the work, Beethoven’s 7th String Quartet overall.  The quartet takes a place beside the Kreutzer Sonata and […]

You Gotta Have Strings

Well it’s been a terrible few days for me in violin land.  I have not played since Saturday, when I got in a quick 45 minute practice session.  The main reason is my broken A string, compounded by the blizzard – I wrote I would head to the burbs to visit the luthier on Tuesday, […]

On O’Connor and Suzuki

Yesterday I published a rather sad post that accepted many of the criticisms noted violinist Mark O’Connor has leveled at Shinichi Suzuki, father of the Suzuki method of music instruction.  I removed that post last night.  I know myself relatively well, and while every day I age I get better and better about not reacting […]

Blizzard Solace: Stymied!

What is the perfect Chicago blizzard activity?  Playing the violin at home, of course!  What did I find when I opened my case to do just that just now?  A broken A string, my first broken string ever – leave it to me to have a broken string on one of the best days for […]