Blizzard Solace: Stymied!

Broken A String, with Aging Grip on Bow

Broken A String, with Aging Grip on Bow

What is the perfect Chicago blizzard activity?  Playing the violin at home, of course!  What did I find when I opened my case to do just that just now?  A broken A string, my first broken string ever – leave it to me to have a broken string on one of the best days for playing I’ve encountered to date!  Sadly, my lack of overall violin experience means I have failed to consider keeping a backup set of strings in my case, a deficit I will soon correct.  But not before I go a couple of days without playing – I’m very glad I sandwiched 45 minutes or so of practice in between work and a party last night, otherwise last week’s lesson on my new gavotte would have languished.

So all of a sudden I have quite a shopping list.  I need two A strings, and a G a D and an E.  I also need to get my bow re-haired and have the grip re-wrapped – the almost century-old leather and silver wire that comprise the grip have started to wear through, and the wire has a green patina of oxidation that will only get worse and potentially begin corroding the wood of the stick until it’s replaced.  While I’m at it I’ll have the sound post checked too and see if it could use an adjustment.

All that adds up to a trip to the burbs on Tuesday to visit the luthier – he’s not open on Mondays, and even if he were I don’t think our blizzard is planning on making tomorrow particularly passable.

Thanks for reading.


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