Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Nutcracker

It was a normal Monday off for me yesterday, so I took the opportunity to put up our Christmas tree.  Doing so as a child, we always put on Christmas music and made it a family affair – even so, I think we managed, in our incredibly musical household that loved Christmas more than just […]

Oh Holy Night and the Difference a Year Makes

Oh Holy Night has long been my favorite Christmas song – I love the wonder the music conveys; it seems to perfectly capture the mood of the nativity moment from the Christmas story.  It’s also just a beautiful collection of notes, with highs and lows and plenty of drama!  Last year as Christmas approached I […]

“I’ve always wanted to ________.”

I’ve always wanted to play the violin.  I don’t really know why, except to say that in the Wichita Public Schools we could start string instruments in the fourth grade, a year before any other kind.  But after I stopped playing the violin in the sixth grade, I occasionally considered starting back up.  It was less […]

Shared Experience and Challenges

Well, this Gavotte is magnificently difficult.  I talked to Teacher yesterday about other people’s view of the piece – perhaps I mentioned before that she says kids tend to hate it.  She says she likes it (she does not necessarily love them all) but that many, many people get it “good enough” and then never […]

Band Aid 30

Recently I sponsored a friend’s independent journalism project on Beacon.  She’s interested in traveling to West Africa to report on Ebola, titling her appeals “After Ebola Comes Hunger.”  She’s lived in Ghana before, and, like many westerners who travel to the region, she apparently left a bit of her heart behind.  I’ve heard from many […]