“I’ve always wanted to ________.”

I’ve always wanted to play the violin.  I don’t really know why, except to say that in the Wichita Public Schools we could start string instruments in the fourth grade, a year before any other kind.  But after I stopped playing the violin in the sixth grade, I occasionally considered starting back up.  It was less loyalty than a real love for the sound of the instrument.  Of course I’m not the only one – “everyone plays the violin!” – a viola player acquaintance of mine lamented on Facebook one time!

But I’ve talked to a number of people, and many carry around a desire they can frame in the, “I’ve always wanted to _______” kind of way. “I’ve always wanted to play a reed flute.”  “I’ve always wanted to play the cello.”  There are others like me too, the “I’ve always wanted to go back to the clarinet.”  All are examples from people I know.

I think there’s another tie-in to my karate practice here.  Many, many people “took karate as a kid.” The same way many “played the saxophone” or “the drums.”  As adults, we often move on from pursuits we were able to engage with during our school years.  During our school years, others arrange tidy chunks of time during our day to devote to such things.  The daily grind of adulthood comes along and we stop prioritizing finding the time for significant extracurricular pursuits.  Of course a great many have a really big one and it’s called “kids,” so we instead prioritize finding time for their extracurricular pursuits!

I can only say to those carrying around an, “I’ve always wanted to _____” that the two I’ve been able to get going on – karate and playing the violin – have been the best thing to happen to my adulthood since finding my man.

Thanks for reading.


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