And All the Boys Sing Merry Christmas

When I was about 10 years old, I participated in a boys choir.  The occasion was a major anniversary of some composer or some piece of music – I can no longer remember, but I do remember it was a very big deal for all involved.  It was a phenomenal experience; I’ll never forget the choir director – a petite taskmaster who singlehandedly produced magic from a motley crew of over 100 boys in Wichita, Kansas.  We sang with the Wichita Symphony in German and Latin and Italian – none of us knowing what any of it meant, except to know that we were producing music for the most high.  The conductor stressed that point – earthly music was simply not going to cut it for her; we were going for celestial.  And in the end, in my head at least, we totally nailed it.

Boys choirs always remind me of Christmas – this morning I’m enjoying the King’s College Choir.

Peace on earth.  Goodwill to all.

Thanks for reading.



  1. […] in Wichita last week, I mentioned my interest in digging up more information on the boys choir in which I participated when I was about ten years […]

  2. But do you remember getting in a car wreck on the way to one of your rehearsals?? You had a pretty good cut on your head!

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