Learning Wards off Stodgy

The other day I wrote about how happy I’ve been to fill in a couple of blanks of the “I’ve always wanted to ________” variety.  I mentioned a friend who’s always wanted to play the cello.  Well, I’m happy to report that she went out and rented a cello last weekend, and will start lessons in January.  I’m very proud of her!  She turned 60 this year, she’s also a singer, and she has been doing community choirs for a few years now.  She told me she just loves the sound of the instrument.  So do I!

I’m very inspired by people who take on new things in adulthood.  As time marches on, we need fresh pursuits to keep our synapses active and firing in new ways; learning wards of stodgy.  Let’s keep it up!

Thanks for reading.


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