I’m no 10 Year Old

I was chatting with some friends last night about music for a moment  – she’s an academic in sociology/education; he’s a former-rocker now rabbi.  He’s also a record collector extraordinaire.  One wall of their condo is dedicated to a specially made built-in that contains more records than I’ve ever personally seen outside of a music store.  So it’s perhaps unsurprising that they have a cool kid.

She was telling me that they were visiting a current rocker-friend a few weeks back and the guy asked her 10 year old son for the name of a band he liked.  His answer?  Uriah Heep.  Now, I personally, pushing forty, know all of about four band names you can say that make you sound cool to basically anybody, and I know that’s one of them.  When I was ten I could have named exactly zero.  I bet this kid could create a whole list.

I need to hang out with them more often.

Thanks for reading.


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