The Mutter Virtuosi – Seasons, Ringtones, and an Octet

I spent a good chunk of yesterday reading up on Anne-Sophie Mutter, and listening to her play.  I’ve also been reading and learning more about the program I will hear Wednesday night – Vivaldi and The Four Seasons, Mendelsohn’s Octet, and a commissioned work by Currier called Ringtones.

I’m especially excited about the program.  Vivaldi’s masterpiece is full of moments where the tighter the ensemble the better – I imagine that The Mutter Virtuosi, a touring ensemble of promising young musicians who graduated from Mutter’s institute, since they play together and with Anne-Sophie all the time, will really put on a good performance.  I can’t wait to see Mutter on the cadenzas, and there are also a number of strong and lovely melody lines that will well-highlight her tone and grace.  The Mendelsohn should also be a treat – Octet is one of his most celebrated works.  The great composer wrote it when he was 16 years old and many consider it to be his first masterpiece.  I know nothing about Currier and the work entitled Ringtones.  Mutter is a big fan of supporting contemporary composers, and the piece is a commission for her Virtuosi, so I think I’ll refrain from further research on that one and let it be a surprise.

I also hope Mutter tells us which instrument she is playing – she owns two Stradivarius instruments and a couple of other instruments, one a notable violin from a modern maker.

Lagniappe: Mutter’s responses to Proust’s questionnaire.

Two days and counting!

Thanks for reading.


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