Two Weddings: to “Happy”

Another wedding (sort of) last night brought my second encounter (according to Michael) with what might be the first pop song that I’ve noticed in years.  The song is so popular anyone reading this will already know it – Pharrell has over a billion YouTube views – over 500 million of them for this song, “Happy.”  The song is just fun, and the video is wonderfully ecumenical.  The tune is catchy and apparently no wedding DJ can resist it, be they in Iowa City or Oak Park, IL.

Even mentioning the song like this probably reveals me to be pop-culturally inept – I know you’ve already been humming along to the song all year, but I’m pleased to be humming along now too.  My favorite part of weddings is how happy everyone is – the song only helps!

Pharrell’s voice is smooth, and I like the sound.

Thanks for reading.


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