Fall Fling – Mutter does Vivaldi

Anne-Sophie Mutter, photo courtesy of the artist's website

Anne-Sophie Mutter, photo courtesy of the artist’s website

Anne-Sophie Mutter is one of the best in the world.  I just bought two tickets to see her at Symphony Center on November 19 – she’s coming to Chicago with a group she runs called the Mutter Virtuosi – an ensemble of younger musicians who graduated from her foundation in Munich with whom she tours.  Many musicians at the top of their field work assiduously to promote music education – Mutter is a prime example.

I have not seen a violinist of her caliber (there are very, very few) since high school, and to say I’m looking forward to the show is an understatement– the program includes Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and more.  I’ve only been to Symphony Center once before – it was for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and I remember they played Mahler.  It’s a beautiful venue, and I can’t wait to go back; I think I got better seats this time too!

I’ve asked Teacher to be my guest – I ran it by her in yesterday’s lesson, before buying the tickets.  She told me she can’t ever commit very well due to needing to be available for gigs, which I had guessed already, but I decided to get two anyway and if she ends up unable to go I’ll just take someone else.

Yeah, I’m pretty freaking excited here.

Thanks for reading.


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