Suzuki Kid

The CD that came with Book Two sat securely in its sleeve until yesterday.  Teacher has asked me a few times if I’ve listened to it, but she hasn’t made much of it.  I know from my independent reading, however, that Dr. Suzuki would not be happy with me.  Additionally, I wrote on my struggles with rhythm a couple of days back, and it makes sense to me to use tools I have at the ready to make it better – learning via the aural channel is one way to get it right!

When I ripped it into iTunes and started listening, I noticed that the recording is of a real pro – William Preucil –  the folks I’ve been listening to on YouTube aren’t nearly so good.  I’m interested that they chose an exceptional versus a decent player to demonstrate for us on the CD – students learning Book Two will not ever be able to sound that good, I venture!  But better, as we learn, to try to approximate the best target possible, I suppose.

I listened all the way through and was, song after song, absolutely tickled with the tunes coming up for me.  The next song is a Brahms Waltz and, once I get it, it will be, to my ears, the most beautiful thing I’ve learned so far.  The final piece in Book Two is something I’ve had delightfully running through my head on and off since I was a child.

The first thing I did this morning (after grabbing a cup of coffee) was head to my computer and put on my headphones, like a good Suzuki Kid.

Thanks for reading.


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