Monthly Archives: June 2014

Solipsistic Navel Gazing

On Tuesday I was folding laundry and I remembered that I’d been wanting to listen to a podcast a colleague sent me.  For whatever reason, I fold laundry in silence – I don’t think about it; I’m already occupied, right?  So I have no idea why, on this occasion, this thing I’d been wanting to […]

A Back and Two Weeks

I had no lesson last week – Teacher canceled due to an early morning rehearsal schedule in the suburbs.  The cancel actually worked out quite well for me, unfortunately, since a week ago this past Sunday I threw out my back something fierce, and I’ve been on a slow road to recovery ever since.  Most […]

The George Bridgetower Sonata for Violin and Piano, by Beethoven

Beethoven’s Sonata Number 9 for Violin and Piano is a phenomenal work – both instruments are highlighted, the piece captivates from its opening notes, and it’s a full concert-length work.  The Sonata’s official nickname is the Kreutzer Sonata. But the piece debuted on my birthday – May 24 – in 1803 at the deft hands […]

Jam of the Day

I have a friend who, for a very long time, sent out an e-mail every day with a little write-up of a song and a link to its video.  It went on for years – he called it “Jam of the Day,” and we subscribers were “Jammers.”  I signed up for his musical daily the […]

The Elements of Music: 7 of 7, Spatial Location

This final piece in my series on the elements of music as identified by Richard Restak, MD, deals with the most esoteric concept yet.  There are many lists of the elements, components, building blocks, fundamentals – call them what you will – of music.  Most include versions of the elements I’ve written up to date, […]

The Elements of Music: 6 of 7, Loudness

The loudness of music is a relatively straightforward concept.  Composers and musicians play music loudly or softly to evoke certain moods and feelings.  Broadly, the term dynamics refers to the loudness and/or softness of music.  Composers use Italian words to convey their wishes for the dynamics for specific segments of music. Forte means loud, and […]