Jam of the Day

I have a friend who, for a very long time, sent out an e-mail every day with a little write-up of a song and a link to its video.  It went on for years – he called it “Jam of the Day,” and we subscribers were “Jammers.”  I signed up for his musical daily the day I met him; during our get-to-know-you small talk he brought up this thing he did, I wrote down my e-mail address for him, and the rest is history.

I was happy to meet someone who knew a TON about music who was willing to share it with me in little daily chunks.  This desire of mine to develop more of a passion as it pertains to music (a desire I indulged by creating this blog, in part) is not particularly new – I’ve felt the lack of music in my world for many years.

But there it was, a whole paragraph about music in my inbox, and most days I ignored it.  I couldn’t bring myself to be bothered by the meta-information, let alone experiencing the music firsthand by clicking through to the video.

A couple of years into receiving Jam of the Day, my friend decided to convert to a blog format.  He kept it up for a while, and then he went off to grad school in another state and became too busy to keep it going.  I just did a cursory search for it, and it looks like he properly closed up shop.  There are plenty of other “Jam of the Day” incarnations out there that I could look to, but if even the one my friend was sending me wouldn’t stick it seems a little far-fetched to imagine that a new, nameless one would.

Thanks for reading.


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