I Played

Since my bike crash on Saturday I haven’t done much.  I did get out and go to work yesterday, and I practiced the violin before I went.  I was unsure how the practice would go – playing the violin utilizes different ranges of motion than I tap into otherwise.

Mostly it went fine.  I had some trouble turning the pegs to tune the instrument – gripping and turning simultaneously is about the toughest type of movement for me at present.  While the soreness is mostly in my wrists, my overall strength in my arms is also quite impacted.  It’s getting better day by day.

I considered canceling my lesson for today since I’ve only managed two practice sessions.  I’ll practice here in a bit prior to my lesson, but that’s still pretty abysmal.  But if I miss the lesson that’s just one more thing I will have missed due to the accident, so I decided not to cancel.  Getting on with my life is my take on troubles!

Another interesting thing about this past week has been the fog – Chicago has been oddly blanketed, and the weather will not pick a lane.  If my week has been a bit funky then perhaps I’m just sharing in the Chicago mood du jour.

Thanks for reading.


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