Monthly Archives: May 2014

An Asterisk Is an Asterisk

Gavotte by Gossec is coming along.  It’s the “graduation piece” for Suzuki Book 1, and I’ve just started in on my third week with it.  I’ll probably get the rest of it next week.  It’s complicated and wonderful, with slurs a-plenty (four note slurs!) and circle-bows and grace notes and string crossings and intervals the […]

The Elements of Music: 2 of 7, Rhythm

Dirty Dancing is the first pop reference that came to mind when I tried to think of one concerning rhythm.  Remember when Patrick Swayze takes Jennifer Gray’s hand and puts it on his chest, “ka-KONG, ka-KONG?”    In order to teach her how to dance he has to teach her how to feel rhythm, or the […]

The Elements of Music: 1 of 7, Pitch

I might ask Teacher about a music theory book.  Most of my musical ambition has to do with playing songs for myself in my living room, but some of it has to do with expanding my horizons by learning about a discipline that, to date, I have not learned much about.  In reading for and […]

I Need More Rosin

“I need more rosin,” grumbling my way out of my practice room – AKA bedroom – yesterday.  Michael smiled.  I had a very busy couple of days and hadn’t gotten to the violin as much as I like since my lesson on Wednesday.  Even at this early stage in my playing it’s become an old […]

There’s No Place Like Home

Growing up in Kansas, I loved The Wizard of Oz.  It was a little scary, right?  Tornado, The Wicked Witch, her demon-creature like minions, the scary walk through the forest, being marooned away from home.  But then there’s Dorothy, Toto, Dorothy’s kindly companions, Glenda the Good, the Emerald City – it’s epic in all the […]

When Wrong Sounds Right

To begin each lesson, Teacher asks me to play some song from some ways back, relatively speaking, in my repertoire.  I have them all memorized, of course (it’s the Suzuki Way), and I do play them all through at least once every time I practice.  When I’m practicing, I start with Twinkle Twinkle and work […]