Cradling the Neck

Since my first lesson, Teacher has been working with me on the proper violin hold. She’s been showing me the same thing week after week and my progress has been small and incremental.  In last week’s lesson, however, I had a bit of a breakthrough, and over the past week I feel I’ve finally been making some real progress.

In yesterday’s lesson we again focused on the right way to cradle the neck of the instrument, with a natural but not too bent wrist, letting it rest between the groove of the first joint of my left thumb and the base joint of my index finger.  Relaxing everything is always key.  Teacher noted my improvement.

What I love about lifelong learning is the journey – it’s a wonderful thing to try so hard to do something and be unable to quite get it.  Knowing that steady work over time will pay dividends is quite fulfilling.  The hard stuff is the best stuff.

Thanks for reading.


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