Happy Farmer

Robert Schumann is the latest great to end up in my burgeoning repertoire – his tune Happy Farmer is the second to last piece in Suzuki Book 1.  Yesterday in my lesson Teacher introduced me to the first three lines or so, and I thought we were going to stop, but we just kept plowing and we made it all the way through the piece in one lesson.  It’s not as long as some of my others, but it’s still quite a bit to take in over the course of about 20 minutes!  It’s quite jaunty, and it’s the second piece I’m learning that I recognized as something I’ve encountered many times over the years (the first is Minuet 3, a Bach tune).

Unlike the Bach minuets, which were excerpted from larger works, Wikipedia notes that Happy Farmer was a standalone piece written by Schumann as part of a collection of tunes he wrote for his three daughters in 1848 called “Album for the Young.”  The works in the collection were written to be suitable for children and beginners to play.

I’ll write more on Schumann in the coming days – he’s an interesting character, from what I’ve seen so far.  In the meantime I’ll also be listening to his violin concerto.

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  1. […] I started in Wednesday’s lesson, is a song written by Robert Schumann in 1840.  Schumann, whom I’ve mentioned before as the composer of another Suzuki tune I have in my repertoire, Happy Farmer, wrote many songs.  […]

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