When in Tejas


As a person who grew up speaking Spanish in a country that borders on Mexico, I’ve always loved Mexican culture – its lack of pretension, the food, the sounds of traditional Mexican music, the art, the tight-knit families, and the progressive sensibilities that govern the stewardship of resources.

I was thrilled, then, to learn that my friend who coordinated this wonderful weekend in Austin chose a Tejano band to play at the celebration of her school’s 25th anniversary.  After our long day of eclectic martial arts in the beautiful Texas countryside, kids and adults alike shared a barbecue meal, and turned to dancing.

Accordion, guitar, drums, and vocals all met in traditional sounds of Mexico transformed by the band’s own flair – it was less Mariachi, more Meringue.  The lead singer occasionally hefted his three year old daughter to the mic – I think she’s destined to take up the family passion.

Dancing with people you know well but don’t often dance with is fun, in my limited experience – martial artists can move!  The kids were all about the Conga Line; who can resist that?  Not me – there I am bringing up the rear.

So the famous live music scene of Austin did indeed deliver for me, and I took away a great reminder that Chicago and Texas share a rich Mexican heritage, along with plenty of memories of a weekend well-spent.

Thanks for reading.


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