Jazzing up a Space

“Do you all want any music?”  I’m at a prestigious downtown law firm way up high in one of the most stunning spaces in Chicago getting ready for an event.  In an hour I’ll give a presentation about my school’s work, as well as travel safety for a crowd of about 60 well-heeled corporate folks.  Presently, we’re setting up a silent auction of air travel vouchers to benefit the school and other organizations – this party’s sponsored by the firm and a major online travel site.  People are milling about chomping on tapenade and drinking wine.  I guess our emerging silent auction and the growing crowd are a little too “silent” for the person standing here asking me about music, an employee of the firm whose job it is to make people comfortable.

“Well I don’t have any.” He smiles, “No, I mean I can turn on some jazz or something nice and ambient; what sounds good to you?”  Of course he can do that – I think they must be able to do anything they want in this space – my thoughts turn back to what I swear was a Motherwell hanging in the hall on my way to the loo, and over his shoulder and his smile the view of the city again catches my breath.  I smile back, “Jazz sounds perfect, thanks.”

And it was.

Thanks for reading.


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