The Dream Man

My Granny Pat was a twin; she and my Auntie Bob were born around the turn of the 20th century in rural Texas.  The twins were so small at birth the family says they were bundled up inside the house’s stove as a sort of early incubator.  She was my Papa’s mother, my mother’s grandmother, and my and my sisters’ great-grandmother.  She grew up on a cotton farm in Texas, and told us stories about picking cotton until her fingers bled.

She was a big personality – she adored us children, and she sang:

Hush, here comes the Dream man
Hush, here comes the Dream man
Now you children, run up the stairs
Put on your nighties and say your prayers
And ride with Mister Dream Man
‘Til daylight comes again
And see all the wonders of Wonderland
On the Dream Man’s train.

To this day we have no idea where this song came from – she may have made it up as a lullaby.  We used to have a cassette recording of her singing it to us in the early 80s, not long before she died, but I fear I don’t know what happened to it – my mother might still be able to dig it up.  In addition to the bedtime tune, she’s the person I can credit with exposing me to “The Yellow Rose of Texas.”

I don’t have a lot of memories of her, to be honest, but the music as well as her teaching me how to crochet in a very simple way stand out.  Maybe one day I’ll see if my sister wants to write the score to Dream Man.  Now that I’ve remembered it, maybe I’ll try to pick it out on the violin.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Oh, Ryan, we do have a digitized recording of Granny Pat singing, ”
    The Dream Man.” Derek took that old tape and digitized it for us. I’ll get it out for you this Christmas! Mom

  2. Very glad to hear it!

  3. […] sent me a CD.  It’s of the family-compiled variety, and the first track on it is “The Dream Man’s Train,” a song with a provenance unlike any other I know.  My great-grandmother (Granny Pat) used to sing […]

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