Son of His Environment

I will admit to allowing availability on the Kindle to sway which books I read, especially as it pertains to beginning an exploration.  Not only are the books cheaper, but I don’t have to wait at all to start reading.  I’ve just started the Kindle download of Dr Shinichi Suzuki: Son of His Environment, by Lois Shepheard.

Shepheard’s 2012, 128 page volume contains the musings of a former grad student, a fine place to start.  It promises tales of the man and of the philosophy.  The subtitle intrigues me, “Son of His Environment.”  I wrote in another post about Suzuki’s methods and educational philosophy developing in the post-WWII intellectual milieu of Skinner’s Behaviorism – the subtitle seems to cast no doubt about Suzuki being a player in the behaviorist ballgame.

My review will come in a subsequent post.

Thanks for reading.


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