I’d Rather Be Playing the Violin

I miss a day or two practicing per week.  Even so, I’ve never missed the day before a lesson, but yesterday was a very long one and by the time I got home dinner and the couch were all I could handle.  We’ll see how today’s lesson goes as a result.  I’ve determined already that it’s quite useful to spend a few minutes warming up before Teacher arrives – today I’ll make it at least ½ an hour!

I expect that as a child, practicing felt like a chore – though I really don’t remember.  My experience as an adult couldn’t be more different; just yesterday I was chatting with a colleague about how playing the violin makes me so happy.  My little beginner tunes are running through my head all the time – I really can’t get enough.

I find I’m replacing less productive activities, too – writing this blog, practicing, and listening to violin music have caused me to dramatically reduce my presence on Facebook, for example.  Facebook is fun enough, but to claim it’s productive is a stretch.  I do think there’s value in maintaining social connections and knowing what my friends ate for dinner, but it pales in comparison to producing music and activating new parts of the brain.

I think I need one of those bike (I have no bumper) stickers that says, “I’d rather be playing the violin.”

Thanks for reading.


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