Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Players

I’ve scheduled my first lesson for one week from today.  In between now and then I get to go violin shopping, and I’m looking forward to being in a music store again.  I remember going often as a child, first while accompanying my younger sister on quests for piano stuff, then for my own violin […]

“I’m Sure You Remember More Than You Think”

I heard back from Potential Teacher, and am excited to meet her.  She gave me a note of encouragement – “I’m sure you remember more than you think” – and it seems like the schedule I’m hoping for will suit her well. She comes recommended by friends whose daughter takes lessons from her.  They tell […]

Quietude – The Mischka Effect

Ten days ago we had to let our cat Mischka go after an inoperable mass was discovered in her intestines.  My partner and I had her for 15 years – “As long as we’ve had each other,” I used to say.  The loss remains palpable, of course – a hole in our tiny family. I […]

Learning to Play the Violin Again

Off and on over the years I’ve considered taking up the violin again.  Today, I hit send on this: Hello Potential Teacher, My friend gave me your name and contact info. I’m considering taking back up the violin – I played for three years or so in elementary school, and I’m 37 now, so I’m […]