Monthly Archives: October 2013

In Search of Memory

I remember having this toy guitar, but  that’s about it.  The photo reminded me of it – I’m sure my brain would not have been able to produce any memory of the thing at all without the photographic prompt.  When relevant to Musical Me, memory and cognitive neuroscience will be a theme of this blog. […]

I’ve Waited this Long

I had a great trip back to Wichita to meet the new nephew, and we did undertake the task of finding that “boy with violin” pic.  We were wholly unsuccessful.  I did find three pics I’ll post soon, which at least prove a touch of proclivity toward the musical. As we hunted through Mom’s tightly […]

Did You Remember the Camera?

My family has always  mutually supported all of our musical pursuits. Piano recitals, church soloes, boys’ choirs, school symphonies, all city choirs, variety shows, church choirs, musicals, youth symphonies, high school ensembles. I’m sure there are more I’m forgetting. Remembering correctly is part of what I’m up to with this blog. As I head home […]

The Players

I’ve scheduled my first lesson for one week from today.  In between now and then I get to go violin shopping, and I’m looking forward to being in a music store again.  I remember going often as a child, first while accompanying my younger sister on quests for piano stuff, then for my own violin […]

“I’m Sure You Remember More Than You Think”

I heard back from Potential Teacher, and am excited to meet her.  She gave me a note of encouragement – “I’m sure you remember more than you think” – and it seems like the schedule I’m hoping for will suit her well. She comes recommended by friends whose daughter takes lessons from her.  They tell […]

Quietude – The Mischka Effect

Ten days ago we had to let our cat Mischka go after an inoperable mass was discovered in her intestines.  My partner and I had her for 15 years – “As long as we’ve had each other,” I used to say.  The loss remains palpable, of course – a hole in our tiny family. I […]

Learning to Play the Violin Again

Off and on over the years I’ve considered taking up the violin again.  Today, I hit send on this: Hello Potential Teacher, My friend gave me your name and contact info. I’m considering taking back up the violin – I played for three years or so in elementary school, and I’m 37 now, so I’m […]