Learning to Play the Violin Again

Off and on over the years I’ve considered taking up the violin again.  Today, I hit send on this:

Hello Potential Teacher,

My friend gave me your name and contact info.

I’m considering taking back up the violin – I played for three years or so in elementary school, and I’m 37 now, so I’m basically starting from scratch I’m sure.

I live on the north side of Chicago and would welcome in-home lessons, but can also consider traveling if it’s relatively nearby here or my workplace.  I’m hoping for weekday mornings.

Can you let me know your policies/availability/pricing?  One thing for sure is I’ll need to get a violin. (-:


Ryan Libel

So, there you have it.  I will update this blog with the details of my journey, including relevant bits about my past and present, as I try to put some musical passion back into my life.

Thanks for reading.



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