If You Want Something Done Ask a Busy Person

It’s the middle of crunch time for me vocationally – our huge annual fundraiser for our kids is in full swing, I’m teaching an 11 hour program all weekend long, we’re doing organizational strategic planning, and last night was our quarterly board meeting.  I also just got back from a whirlwind trip Monday, and we closed on our condo re-fi that same night – you’d think my time would be taken.  And it is.  But what I’m thinking the most about is starting up my violin lessons.

The violin shop I’m working with should have some full-sized violins available Monday.  I had planned to start my lessons up this week, but decided to wait a week so I could rent from this place that will give me two years of rental credit toward my eventual purchase of an instrument.  Before starting lessons I considered the prudence of doing so at this time of year – the fourth quarter tends to be a crazy time for me.  But if I let busy-ness get in the way then I will never start something new.  There will always be excuses for inaction; the time to start something new is always now.

Thanks for reading.


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