I’ve Waited this Long

I had a great trip back to Wichita to meet the new nephew, and we did undertake the task of finding that “boy with violin” pic.  We were wholly unsuccessful.  I did find three pics I’ll post soon, which at least prove a touch of proclivity toward the musical.

As we hunted through Mom’s tightly catalogued photo boxes, we laughed as we came across picture after picture of Younger Sister at the piano, but found none of “boy with violin” and, incidentally, none of Youngest Sister at the piano.  Film was expensive.  Developing the film was expensive.  Really it’s because Younger Sister has played her whole life from the age of 5 or so – she’s 36 now, that’s why there are pics of her but not us.

Despite a lack of photographic evidence, as we reminisced we all agreed that I studied the violin from the fourth through sixth grades. Nobody’s sure if I bridged the gap to seventh grade in “Junior High,” which was undergoing a grand transition to “Middle School” at about the time I was there.  Younger Sister suggested a rummage through old school schedule documents, but we couldn’t even hope to get through all the photo boxes, so the document search, if it happens, will have to wait.

I’m itching to get my lessons going now, 25 years later, but I’m afraid I’m experiencing a slight delay.  The shop I’m set on renting from has no full size violins available until next week.  I checked out a couple of other shops, but I think I might as well wait a week and get what I want.  I’ve written Potential Teacher with profound apologies and asked to reschedule.  Hopefully she’ll forgive the bumpy start.

[updated four hours later] Indeed, we are on for next Wednesday at 10:30!

Thanks for reading.


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