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Summer Cold

I’ve been struggling with an early summer cold and haven’t practiced much the past week (nor have I been out running in this luscious warm weather).  I canceled my lesson Tuesday, and have generally been feeling too tired to play.  The musical malaise comes at a sad time, when I’m just getting going on the […]

A Daniil Trifonov Matinee

Daniil Trifonov is a world-class concert pianist, born in Russia in 1991.  As a child, he was educated in Moscow at the Gnessin School of Music under Tatiana Zelikman, and he has continued studies in performance and composition in the US with Sergei Babayan at the Cleveland Institute of music.  He has been captivating audiences […]

A Conductor at 100

Ed Simons has conducted the Rockland Symphony since he founded it – in 1952.  He turned 100 on February 1 and is considered the oldest living conductor.  His career in music began as a young child when his father exposed him to classical greats.  He took up the violin at age 9, and has been […]

Times Gone By – New Year’s 500

  Happy New Year!  WordPress informs me that this is my 500th post on Musical Me – a milestone, which, when coupled with the New Year, has me thinking big.  As I reminisce about 2016, I can’t help but conclude that it was indeed a pretty big year for me personally.  I completed my first […]

A Perlman Pearl

Regular readers know that Itzhak Perlman, the 71-year-old violin virtuoso, is one of my favorites.   He has been for a long time; I was privileged to get to see him when I was a teenager in the early 1990s, and I’ve got tickets to see him again in April at the Lyric Opera House.  This […]

Christmas 2016

We’re just back from our annual trek to Kansas to visit my family for Christmas – we were fortunate to have had excellent weather for the duration – some years, including last, weather has sidelined us into roadside motels as we make our way to and fro’.  The rental Explorer performed great and our hotel […]

Composing While Female

Recently I went to a performance of the Chicago Sinfonietta, an organization that was created in the 1980s to inject some diversity into the classical music scene in Chicago.  While I’ve long wished that the world of the music I love best were more representative of the breadth of humanity and applaud intentional efforts to […]