Monthly Archives: May 2016

Practice Makes a 12 Year Old

Teacher needed to cancel this week’s lesson, which is OK because I didn’t get a lot of practice in over the past week.  It’s also OK because I am still able to work on many details from the final piece in Book Three – the Bach Bourree.  I worked on the piece in isolation for […]

Day of Rest and Beauty

I think of Mondays as my day of rest.  I have a Sun/Mon weekend as a rule, so Michael and I spend Sundays together – Monday is my day to myself.  I always play the violin, typically for a good while.  Yesterday I played twice – once for an hour and a half in the […]

“You’re the Musician!”

Well last night was a first – over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working with a small group to develop a karate performance piece we’ll be presenting in an informal performance tonight for our own school.  We’ve been rehearsing in the evenings, and we’re using music for the piece.  It’s percussion, providing a […]

The Minors

In yesterday’s lesson we made it through to the end of the final piece in Book Three.  This Bach Bourree is beautiful, but it will take me a few more weeks to get it up to snuff.  Bourree Two (the piece is two back to back Bourrees) is a minor variation on Bourree One – […]

The Pros and Me

Last night Michael asked me, in the sweetest way possible, what it is that Teacher and (since we were listening to the Suzuki CD) folks like William Preucils do that I can’t do that makes their playing sound so good.  My immediate reply, conjuring the unsupported-by-research figure of Malcolm Gladwell, was, “Thousands of hours of […]

Perfection: The Enemy of the Good

I practiced yesterday, but only for about 45 minutes.  My long day at work kept me from it until after 7 pm, so I decided to play for a few minutes while Michael was making dinner.  I’m not much into playing after 8 pm – it seems that the earlier in the day I play […]