Monthly Archives: November 2014

Greats Provide Access to the Past

Sunday night Michael and I watched a 2013 episode of Live from Lincoln Center on Youtube – the episode featured a chamber music setting for a tribute to Mendelsohn, the great composer.  Playing for us were none other than Emanuel Ax on the piano, Yo Yo Ma on the cello, and Izhak Perlman on the […]

De Sarasate and a Whistler

I’m a big fan of Whistler – over the years I’ve seen galleries of miniatures, of women, and of his distinctive draftsmanship.  I’ve also twice fawned over his Peacock Room at the Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery.  His work with composition and light and color and interesting subject matter are all eminently compelling.  Of course I’m not […]

Hat Trick: Gavotte

Gavotte, by Gossec, is still one of my pieces – I play it all the time, almost daily, and I’m making incremental progress.  The song is somewhat stark in the way it reveals the limitations of my playing at this stage of the game – I get to choose between speed and precision; I cannot […]

Evil Music

The height of political madness is over for this moment – every cycle we continue to waste more and more money on political ads to help us decide who to send to Washington and to statehouses to do nothing.  We sell ourselves to others sometimes, but more often than not the ads end up selling […]

Allusive Power and The Four Seasons

Two weeks from tomorrow I’m going to see Anne-Sophie Mutter and the Mutter Virtuosi.  Part of the program is Vivaldi’s masterpiece The Four Seasons, so I’ve been learning more about the work in an effort to maximize my appreciation of the performance. Vivaldi was a Baroque composer, priest, and musician.  He wrote The Four Seasons […]

The Shriner, a Drummer

Long ago I worked for a Shriner.  We were involved in law enforcement – private contractors, if you will, operating out of the Shriner’s home basement office.  I was the office grunt for the mercenary operation; we provided electronic monitoring to people who had some resources and who gamed the system well enough to avoid […]