Monthly Archives: April 2014

No Lesson

Teacher e-mailed me a few days ago and begged forgiveness for canceling this week’s lesson.  She’s got a gig in the far suburbs all week and has to be there early.  I haven’t really skipped any lesson weeks until now – we’ve moved days a few times, but have always managed to get one in. […]

Macy’s and Muzak

The music that accompanies us as we eat, as we shop, as we get our hair done – most of us probably don’t give a lot of thought to how it comes to be.  But some people give it a whole lot of thought. As I was shopping at Macy’s yesterday, I was reminded of […]

The Macdonald Viola

Antonio Stradivari is known for his violins, but he also produced other stringed instruments.  The 1719 Macdonald Viola is one of only ten complete extant violas by the master luthier, and the only one in playable condition from his Golden Period – apparently the Russian government owns the other one and it has fallen into […]

No New Music

My Austin long weekend kept me from too much practice last week, so my new song languished.  Of course we worked on it in yesterday’s lesson.  I’d been struggling to hear what the last couple of lines of my minuet are supposed to sound like, so the first thing I asked was for Teacher to […]

All Strings and No Strangers

While in Austin last weekend I was privileged to be hosted by a delightful couple I’ve known for probably two years now.  They are magnanimous people who’ve never met a stranger, and I understand they get a good number of visitors; they like it that way.  I felt like part of their family – they […]