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Dr. Suzuki’s World: A Contextualization

“A clever baby can become tone-deaf.  It can even become a wolf.  In fact, it can become just about anything, in accord with its specific environment.  I firmly believe that cultural and musical aptitude does not come from within, and is not inherited, but occurs through suitable environmental conditions.” – From “Nurtured by Love:  The Classic […]

Dr. Suzuki Said Never Be Lazy

Wikipedia has its detractors, but I think it’s a great place to start an exploration. I’ve just read the article on Shinichi Suzuki, the namesake and creator of the Suzuki method of music instruction. He led an interesting life, and his philosophical disposition seems to match up with a lot of my own views on […]

Beginner’s Mind

Potential Teacher just confirmed our first lesson for Wednesday, and I’m just back from the violin shop, where I rented the instrument above.  I hope it meets her standards.  The family who recommended her to me told me that their first instrument had to go back after failing her tests.  We’ll see – the shop […]