Monthly Archives: January 2016

Lesson, Practice, Vibrato, Gavotte

It’s been three weeks since my last lesson; with the new year comes a new lesson day too – I’m changing from Wednesday to Tuesday mornings.  The day will work out better for my schedule and it doesn’t seem to matter to Teacher.  In fact she often has something late on Tuesday nights, so it […]

Picking Favorites

Of all the songs in my repertoire, the one I play best is the Suzuki Book Two Bouree by Handel.  I’m not sure why it comes out better than the rest. While it’s true that I now play it a lot because I like playing pieces that I play well, I’m not sure how it […]

New Year’s 400

Happy New Year! This first post of 2016 is my 400th on Musical Me.  The blog continues to do its job, reinforcing the musical learning I’m doing as I pursue my instrument.  There’s no denying I’ve come a long way on the violin – a richness of detail now informs every practice session – short term goals, such […]